ugliness, downton abbey, vegetables, and a brilliant idea

:: ugliness
Not enough {continuous} sleep + not enough exercise + not enough time to my self + several very rough days = ugliness.  (And now I find out, severe thyroid imbalance.  Still.)

We made an effort to regroup this week.  Being more faithful to giving me some time on my own to finish a thought or a task without being interrupted.  A little space to breathe.

It’s always a clue that I’m not taking adequate care of myself when I feel like everyone is taking something from me.  I need some space in order to be able to give.

And I’d like to say that I’d be very happy to obliterate this particular cycle.  Self-loathing makes me feel so juvenile.

:: Downton Abbey
We’ve become Downton Abbey groupies.  It’s ‘our’ show, Devo and I, our little evening respite from the cares of the day.  A little toast with apricot jam and we’re content.

(It’s really good, really interesting.  If you like period pieces, definitely check it out.)

:: today’s brilliant idea
I have this idea for an automatic dispenser for bathrooms with kids.  It doles out the correct portion of shampoo (or conditioner, or toothpaste) after fingerprint verification, and will not give out any more until the next session begins.

Only parents can override the system to get more than one dollop on an as-needed basis.

(Two guesses what is all over the bathroom).

:: vegetables
We’ve been significantly increasing our vegetable intake this last week.  I’ve hopped on the big salad bandwagon and we’re taking it for a ride.  Sure makes for an easy lunch.

I washed, chopped, and dried three big heads of lettuce, and stored it in canning jars in the fridge.  I think we got four meals out of it, maybe five.

Salads take so much chopping to make them interesting.  I’m thinking to try a formula of lettuce, two chopped vegetables, one protein (bean, tofu, egg, etc.).  And wouldn’t it be fun to have a little selection of seeds to sprinkle on top?  (Would it be fun or would it be a pain? Not sure yet.)

We’ve been trying out new homemade dressings to liven things up.

Today I overcooked a week’s worth of organic broccoli, which puts a stick in my meal-planning spokes.  Do you think there are any nutrients left?  There certainly isn’t any texture.


2 thoughts on “ugliness, downton abbey, vegetables, and a brilliant idea

  1. I want to be on the salad bandwagon with you and have actually tried multiple times, but the wheels keep falling off. My what a pesky problem. 😉

    Aaaaah, fingerprint verification. Brilliant. We used up almost a whole bottle of shampoo this week. And it’s hard to wash away!!

    mmmm, space in order to be able to give. I resonate. I’m thankful you have a supportive husband. Here’s to more alone time in the future *cheers*.

  2. I have a middle child who will periodically play very quietly in the bathroom. I’ll walk in to find her drawing on the back of the toilet with toothpaste or enjoying a shampoo bubble bath. That invention might be worth the investment.

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