goodbye Four, hello Five.


Today was the last day of being Four. Tomorrow she will be Five.

Four has been so nice. I’m feeling a bit sad to see it go. I wish I could hold on to it just a little while longer.

But who am I kidding? We’ve been mostly Five for at least a month now.

Goodbye, Four. You were delightful. A joy. Sweetness itself.

Goodbye pudgy, squeezy baby legs. Hello, big girl legs that are slim and strong.
Goodbye hiding behind my legs. Hello, going out into the world with confidence and bravery.
Goodbye free-flowing days with no requirements. Hello piano lessons and daily practicing.
Goodbye plain stick figures. Hello artist with an eye for details.
Goodbye little tiny girl. Hello school girl.

Hello to a world opening up to a girl and a girl opening up to the world.

Five is going to be so much fun. I just hope I don’t miss Four too much.


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