amelie is Five, with a cape





Five years old today.

She couldn’t decide where she wanted to eat out for a special birthday lunch, so we had her choose a special birthday dessert…frozen yogurt wins the day.

We curled hair and wore fancy dresses and made birthday hats and colored with the forbidden oil pastels.

Her gift from Lia and Mama was a red velvet cape lined with satin. And therein lies a tale.

My bedroom used to have red velvet curtains and I loved them. Until enough years went by and I didn’t. But my thrifty crafty self couldn’t imagine chucking all that red velvet into the get-rid-of box, so they moved into the fabric stash wherein they have reposed awaiting inspiration.

Enter my cousin Emily and the sweet capes in her Etsy shop. Inspiration arrives.

I wasn’t sure it would work, the velvet is heavy. And, indeed, time will tell if the thing is wearable and playable. Almost immediately after cutting into it, I decided that what I’d really like to do is make a cape out of a vintage blue floral sheet that is also reposing in the fabric stash.

And it was really easy…if you don’t count trying to sew with a baby squawking, a small boy emptying many things with many small pieces, and my geometric dyslexia that left me picking out stitches for a half hour at a time. I’m more determined than ever to do that blue floral cape, the second time with a pattern is always so much easier and faster.

There is a certain snickering satisfaction I get from this cape, doubts notwithstanding. And it goes something like this ::

Do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about Salzburg dressed in nothing but some old drapes?!

Mmmm hmmmm, and having a marvelous time.


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