on the home front :: living room edition

Pinterest has come along at just the right time for me.  For the last seven years I’ve been engaged in filling our home with the most important essentials ~ children and good food with which to grow them.

Now my attention is turning to novel things such as furniture I actually like. <gasp>

I’m starting out my (gradual) home makeover with a good dose of Identify-My-Style.  I pin images that appeal to me, try to pinpoint what exactly I like about the image, and then find the commonalities that exist in my collection so that I can be specific about what I like and why.

You can follow me on Pinterest.  You’ll notice alot of bookshelves on the Home board.

:: white walls

I have decided that in our next house, I am indulging in white walls.  People diss white walls, but I crave them.  Our first apartment had white walls.  Then there were three years in a cottage with bright blue carpet and blue-striped wall paper.  And now, almost five years with very strong orange-y yellows.  I’m ready for white.

Oh, I know we could have painted here.  But all the effort, time, and huge amounts of trouble to paint something we don’t own?  I’d rather invest effort, time, and huge amounts of trouble into things we can take with us.

Anyhow.  I had a brief but intense time considering colors, but white wins the day for the living spaces.  Now to decide which shade of white.  Creams are acceptable.  Non-VOC desired.

:: house on the horizon

Oh, yes, this is relevant because we had an offer accepted on a short sale.  That was in January.  Short sales take lots of time.  We may be rejected yet.  But in the meantime, I’m thinking paint.

:: frames

So, white walls.  I have a set of six large black rectangular ikea frames and I’m trying to decide if I am going to fill them with color photos or black and white.  They will be hung symmetrically, two long rows of three.  Opinions?

:: slipcovers

I have a nice wingback chair I’m thinking of slipcovering like this.  Or in a bright floral blue.

:: a map

Reeeeeally want this large canvas map.  Perfect for our budding geographers, and pretty to boot.

:: embroidery hoops

And a collection of embroidery hoops filled with fabric for another wall.  Maybe bright yellow?  I love a spot of yellow, painted yellow dressers, and yellow curtains.  Ironically after expressing my dissatisfaction with blue and yellow walls, I actually love blues and yellows (and reds).  Just not as paint colors that run the show.

:: slipcovers, again

Biggest question.  Should I slip cover the couch?  It’s really sturdy and well made, but a little too large for my taste.  I loooove the clean modern couches coming in recently, especially when they are tufted.  But it would be insane to buy a new couch when we still have one and a half potty-training sessions to go.

And if I do make a slip cover, in what color?  No white.  I despise bleach.  And also frequent launderings. Nothing plain, it needs some pattern or variation to help mask the inevitable spots and marks.

I’m thinking about ticking, which would add a nice geometric addition.  Any ideas?



4 thoughts on “on the home front :: living room edition

  1. I’m not in the home decorating stage of life yet. Sometimes I look around and think about wall treatments and pillows and then…..yeah, not right now. But I love hearing your ideas and I’ll store them away for the future. The embroidery hoop with fabric inside sounds so neat. I think you should put color photos in the frames…just for the real life of it. 😉

  2. What fun-love, love feathering the nest!
    I do enjoy white walls and painted all the walls
    a lovely off white called Swiss Coffee. It was
    a welcome relief after renting this house for seven years before buying it and enduring the 70’s decor with lots of browns and brown and white caning wallpaper and brown w apricot floral wallpaper and golds.

    Now I still enjoy the white but in the bedrooms I’ve added an accent-the latest plummy purple in the guest room-you have to see it!
    The canvas map is perfect and goes so well with the slip covered hair!

    I vote for black and white pictures of your beautiful family in those black frames!

    Happy Sabbath!

  3. A new house! That’s exciting and a long time coming. It’s nice to “feather” ones nest. I’m just getting around to doing that. And I’ve lived in my house almost 9 years! But in my defense we are just getting to a place to be able to afford to start doing things to it.

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