Kiri crawls, We acquire a house, etc., etc.

Okay, don’t fall out of your chair with the shock that I’m finally here. I really intended to write, I wanted to write, I needed to write…but apparently blogging falls lower on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Yes, I’ve definitely been groveling abiding in the lowest parts of the pyramid.

Did you enjoy all the blog posts I’ve written in my head the past few weeks?

Me too.

They were remarkably entertaining, informative, anecdotal. And thanks to a few notes jotted down while doing dishes, they weren’t all immediately lost. No, I jotted them down, and then lost them.

(Did you ever hear that old joke about the preacher visiting the old woman? He said, “Ma’am, do you ever think about the here after?”

She replied, “Oh, I think about it all the time. I go into a room and think, ‘What am I here after?'”

I resonate.)

:: Kiri is Crawling

Kiri is in that short-lived but delightful stage where the messes she makes are still just so cute. She spent a number of weeks getting ready to crawl, having has mastered the art of going from her stomach into a sitting position and back again. And in doing so she became quite mobile, getting many places….unfortunately just not usually in the direction she wished to go.

I’m pleased to say she finally figured it all out just before her 9th ‘month-day’ just the cutest little crawling bug. She’s working on her distance crawling now.


Hey, we’re buying a house! Or, we’ve bought a house! Or, we’re supposed to get the keys this week! Or, apparently I can’t sign my name in a consistent manner because the escrow officer had to ask me to keep my signature the same from paper to paper. And it freaked me out, because apparently the more attention you put to your signature, the more unpredictable it becomes. Twitch here, cross a t here but not there. Ai.

Yes, I think we’ve been actively looking for almost four years. Anyone need a realtor? We can vouch for ours, she’s amazing. And very patient.

Now I’m fighting off apprehension. At this point in our family history, I can’t accomplish anything more than caring for the children and very basic house cleaning (or should I say, picking up, the word cleaning would be misleading). Painting, cleaning, moving. I canna do none of it.

Actually, I thought that the burst of energy would somehow sweep aside the current reality of baby + toddler and I would become an Accomplishing Machine.

Let us all now laugh.

Actually, I didn’t laugh. More like gnashing of teeth. With a bit of indigestion. (Sunday we started working on projects — well, Devo worked like an Accomplishing Machine. It took me an hour to get the breakfast dishes done, and it all went downhill from there.)

Devo and I have a game plan. He’s going to do all the work to make the move happen while I care for the children and help for the five minutes here and five minutes there (never actually finishing a task). Then he’s going to care for the children while I do all the unpacking and settling in.

It’s a good plan.

The only buyer’s remorse I’ve experienced so far about our new house is that it is on the small side. But we like the layout and hey, less cleaning, less room to fill with unneeded stuff. We spent a couple of hours there on Monday during the home inspection and it feels just right. Cozy and sweet.

So, yay. Little jump of excitement. (Sorry, too tired to muster a wahoo and a leap for joy).

:: School News
Lia is taking her first standardized tests this week. Yes, we homeschool, but it’s a state requirement for our charter school. (And, by the way, I looooove Sky Mountain Charter School.)

I’ve spent a few weeks working through that uncomfortable place where my philosophy and my psychology meet.

She hasn’t learned a number of the concepts that were on the math test today.

Philosophically, that’s totally cool with me. We’re on a different curriculum. It’s very important that she masters each step before plunging into the next. The tests only test if you know what they ask, it doesn’t actually test your body of knowledge, etc.

Psychologically, I love knowing stuff on tests and getting good grades. And I’m thinking forward to that little meeting where our ES is going to (kindly and non-judgmentally) go over the test scores and how I can very possibly feel like a failure. Feel, being the operative word. Get over it, Leilani, says I.

Lia’s loving the test days, and I’m all agog at all the other homeschool families. Guess what, a lot of people have four or five children! And they all look like nice, normal, put together people!

:: Growing Up
Birthdays. Amelie is five, Levi is three. We now have added trains and a nerf basketball hoop to our possessions. I’m on a geometry kick, so it’s all about pattern blocks and tangrams right now.

Amelie started piano lessons. After her first lesson (she was so excited-nervous/nervous-excited) I asked her what was the easiest part of the lesson.

She said, “The exercises.”

What was the hardest part?


Ohhhh, my shy little girl. She’s starting to enter the world bravely, bit by bit. I think it’s so important to honor her shyness (she who hid behind her hands for the first few years of her life) and let her come forth as she is ready. She was very very excited/nervous at her first few lessons, but not scared. It’s the right time.

She’s learned “Beethoven’s Ninth” for her first group class next week. She hasn’t said yet whether she will be performing in the end of the year recital.

:: Big Picture Needed
I’m feeling the need to take some time to envision what I want our family life to look like right now. I’ve kind of lost the big picture.

I’m feeling that life here has way too much cacophony and chaos recently. But I can’t tell if I’m just being over-sensitive or if there really do need to be some changes. Or both?

I do best when I have a clear picture of my ‘ideal world’. Then I can help the bits and pieces fall in line with that goodness.

It’s a funny thing. These days have definitely had that element of survival to them, just hang on and make it through. But at the same time there is also so much living in the moment, enjoying the sweet and amazing moments.

Hanging on and holding on, all at once.


3 thoughts on “Kiri crawls, We acquire a house, etc., etc.

  1. YAY!!! I can shout with excitement! Because it is 6 am and I am not pairing it with a leap. And I’m pretty sure I fell asleep on the couch shortly after 8 pm. So happy about the new house. Wish I could help, though I probably wouldn’t be much actual help at this point. So I’ll do my part and think good thoughts. Send pictures when you can. 🙂
    PS – I miss you.

  2. I always love your posts Leilani. Congrats on FINALLY getting a house. I would think life would be in chaos simply cause of the move. I identify ( though we’re not officially enrolled in any type of school yet) about testing. Realizing that the ability to recite things doesn’t cover the basis of my child may know. Glad you took the time to blog. Happy belated birthday to Amelie and Levi.

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