house stuff, plus a lot of exclamation points

:: positively amazing

Whew!  What a difference one week has made on my whole outlook on life!  It sounds so cheesy, but the power of positive thinking is just amaaazing.

Oh, I’m a little ship sailing on a sunny sea.

Everything is coming back into focus.

My week of “recalculating” ended with listening/watching this interview with Sylvia Boorstein on NPR’s Being entitled What We Nurture.  I was so moved, so unburdened, so inspired.  Just listening to these two wise women reminded me of so many things I know and brought me new understandings, new tools, new laughter.

Remember how I was asking myself, “Do I feel happy?” and found that to not produce positive results?  Sylvia Boorstein suggests replacing that question with, “Am I able to care?  Am I able to be kind?”  Yes!  Yes!

I enjoyed watching the interview, not just listening to the radio cut.  Definitely worth the time.  Be sure to listen to the question and answer time as well (I think that’s only available as audio).

:: thanks, guys

Thank you, thank you for your comments on my last post.  I’m working my way systematically (okay, higgledy piggledy) through your suggestions and commiserations.  It turns out Kiri is teething.  And I hadn’t realized that maybe some methods that didn’t work with the other three might just work with this one.  {lightbulb moment}

Speaking of Kiri’s teeth, it looks like the teeth that are coming in are her incisors.  So far she just has the two bottom teeth, why would the incisors be coming in now?  Weird.  I hope her two front teeth show up first.

:: house news, the decorating version

Okay, so house news.

We have paint!  On the bedroom walls!  It’s pretty!

I’m second guessing the blue I chose for the dining room.  Eeeee, should I have stuck with white like the living room? Oh, but it seems like every picture on my pinterest board has blue walls.  That’s got to be a sign.

When my house speaks to me, I must listen.  So far, the house has said ::

  • blue dining room walls
  • kitchen nook turned office
  • don’t take down the entire wall between the dining room and the living room, just make a ‘window’.  (This surprised me, I’m all about wide open spaces.)
  • remove upper cupboards between the kitchen and the dining room — effectively cutting the storage by a fourth, but opening the kitchen (and therefore my sense of connectedness to the world around me).
  • a canvas world map in the entryway (ikea!) (will I have enough money to buy it after we do all the things we must do first?)
  • berry bushes along the wall on the right side of the patio

And I’m currently trying to decide if the kitchen really is saying “open cupboards to display pretty legumes and grains” or if it’s saying “resist creating a dust magnet”.

The house has not yet spoken a’tall on matters such as garden design (raised boxes?  side planters?  winding country path?), to keep or remove the fireplace, and what welcome mat to get.  I must attune myself to these matters.  Haha.

I was there the other evening for the first time at night, and it was such a warm, welcoming, cozy little space.  Friendly.

OH!!!!  Guess what!!!???  So the girls have been sleeping on a double mattress/box spring for years now.  Years.  And for months now, months I tell you, I have been searching craigslist for a headboard for it.

Apparently I am picky about headboards because I found only one I truly wanted.  But it was $150 and I couldn’t decide if that was too much or not.  And then I kicked myself when weeks later I decided that I wanted it and it was gone.  Kick, kick.

We were at a friend’s house this weekend and what did they have sitting quietly in their garage waiting to find a new home?  An almost identical bedframe.  They’re bringing it over soon.  *happy tear*

:: house news, the renovation version

We’ve been getting quotes from contractors and flooring people (for the ‘window’ between the living room and the dining room and for new flooring throughout).

The previous tenant stopped by today while Devo was there.  He said they were very happy in this house and loved it (phew! I’m all for good vibes).

He also said that the master bath that looks so new with it’s fancy shower and new tile and the ubiquitous granite sink, etc….leaks so terribly that they moved out when the landlords refused to fix it.

We’re glad we found out now.

And the flooring guy says there’s asbestos tile under the carpet.

We’re glad we found out now.

We’re also glad we got an uncommonly big tax return this year so that we can pay knowledgable and capable people to do what needs to be done.

Hey, guess what?  We’re homeowners!

Tomorrow is a big day for us, we need to finalize decisions and get on with the work.

I’m beginning to suspect that my big plan for moving in room by room and simply putting things away where they belong is not going to pan out.  We might need to do a quick move on May 31, if you know what I mean.  I’m also beginning to suspect that I will be so eager to get moved in that I won’t mind the months it will take me to dig out from the debris of a quick move.


5 thoughts on “house stuff, plus a lot of exclamation points

  1. I love the bedframe story!! The same kind of thing happened a few years ago. I was looking looking for a particular trundle bed frame for my grandloves when they visit and what I liked was $$$ when low and behold Leslie Von Esch was visiting and was hearing my thoughts and had one she needed to get rid of-all I needed to do was paint it from black to white! So many exciting things streaming through your mind-what fun. I love your home and can’t wait to see when the new floors and room openings are done!

  2. So glad to hear about a bright outlook!

    Interesting about the incisors. We got those first here too (just a couple weeks ago). And one of our little friends just did the same. What an odd thing to have happen to a bunch of kiddos at once–the “first batch” of little ones in my moms group all got the front teeth first, so why incisors first in the second round?

  3. Glad your happy thoughts are helping you out there Leilani! Sounds like Kiri’s teeth are coming in like Abigayle’s did. But the weird thing was that when her front teeth broke through the caught up to and passed by the incisors. I was listening to your birthing cd you sent me. So good. Thanks again!

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