Sad, satisfied, sick, and a small crisis

Today was an extra full day, extra full of things worth noting.  I think I’ll recount them backwards.

:: My first and formative yoga teacher, Julie, died today after a truly courageous fight with cancer.  I rarely reach forward into triangle or look up from uttanasana without seeing her in my mind.  I remember that I used to thank her every single week for making my life so much better, for introducing me to the wonders of a yoga practice.

:: Friends came over this evening.  Maggie and Bob (and Erin) brought the headboard for Lia and Amelie’s bed.  Allan (and Emily and Michael) came to help replace the leaky kitchen faucet.  We love welcoming friends into our home.

(BTW, did I mention that we moved in?  No?  Oh.  We moved in!  We’re ‘mostly in’!  We love it here! We are really tired!)

:: We attended a recital today of one of my former students.  Elizabeth started voice lessons with me when she was in 7th grade.  Tonight was her Junior Recital – seven years later.  I was so proud of her.  It’s quite something to be a part of someone’s development, very humbling, very satisfying.  Three of her pieces were songs that I had introduced her to when she was thirteen, fourteen years old.  Amazing to literally hear the years of study and development that she has invested.

:: Kiri had a bit of a fever today.  Hoping it’s teething.  She’s been quiet and snuggly all day which was perfect for ‘attending’ two graduations and a recital, but sad for the Mama and Papa to see the baby so miserable.

:: I awoke this morning to a wail and then Devo’s feet pounding down the hall.  “Levi cut his ear with scissors!”

Visions of the high priest’s servant and that piece of ear flashed through my mind before I saw that it was just a small cut.  I toyed with the idea of doing a steri-strip job on it (I’m a wannabe doctor), but by the time I had swabbed off the few drops of blood, it had closed on its own.  I must admit to being just the slightest bit bummed.  Didn’t even need a bandaid.

It did, however, require some snuggling and kisses, which I am certified to administer liberally.


One thought on “Sad, satisfied, sick, and a small crisis

  1. I can just picture you in your new home-so lovely and open and yours!! Hope Kiri’s better.

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