I see…

  • Lia practicing the piano with Kiri standing under the keyboard.
  • the honeybear turned upside down with only a tablespoon of honey left.  Time for a trip to Costco.
  • the newest configuration of furniture in the living room
  • Kiri escaping out the back door. (“Escapee!”, I say.  “Skateboard!”, says Levi).
  • my daily Devo-cooked bowl of steel cut oats, today with maple syrup and raisins with soymilk
  • the vintage pillowcase with blue flowers I picked up at the thrift store yesterday.  Last I had seen it, it was lying in the sun to bleach out some spots.  Now it has been repurposed as a bag of treasures.

I hear…

  • Lia’s piano piece, practiced with interludes of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, sometimes in minor, sometimes in major
  • Kiri asking to sit on my lap and have some milk
  • Devo swearing in Afrikaans as he puts up the cabinet doors in the kitchen.  Bliksem.   (Lightning.)
  • mocking birds singing outside the French doors off the dining room
  • my voice explaining to Levi that right now I am not available to help/talk/help/talk to him.
  • the shower running.  My sister Liana is here for the summer, she’s going to college right here (!) starting in September.


  • I really should go to the grocery store, but I might wait until tomorrow when my Mom is back from Virginia.  Liana says that we can wait until tomorrow, we have enough ingredients for our last two meals.  No, I am not the Widow of Zarepath.
  • my “house goal” is to get my room settled – find a place for toilet paper, get on top of the laundry, clear off the dresser, etc.
  • Mom comes home from Virginia tonight!  I texted her yesterday telling her that she could come back now, I cleaned the toilet.

True love.  

(“Oopsies,” says Levi, “I think you’re going to fall, Mama!”)


One thought on “Today

  1. Welcome Liana! I hope you make it into more blog posts. I can just hear the minorness of that song…a very nice mournful sound. ”Skateboard!” LOL =) *hugs*

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