The Back Porch

:: I have a yellow gingham bunting hanging on my back porch.  I really should bring it in before the elements destroy it.  But it is so pretty, I want to leave it up just a bit longer.

:: There is a black phoebe bird sitting in the lilac tree.  It appears to be teasing the hummingbird.

:: I suggested to the girls that getting muddy is an activity best suited to before dinner, not before bedtime.  I spoke a little sharper than intended, but I can’t help but smile at the streaks of dirt on Lia’s face.

:: We can see the “mountain” from the back porch.

:: I’ve sketched out a general plan for our garden.  The borders planted with flowers and perennial herbs, edged by flat bricks.  Raised vegetable beds on the right side.  The circle on the right (was it for a jacuzzi?) maybe an herb garden.

It’s fine, but it’s boring.  I want something unusual like meandering paths or a grape arbor or a hideaway.

In the meantime, we’ve cleared just enough space along the back wall to put in tomatoes.  Mom and I have big plans for a lemon cucumber.

:: The girls come outside in the evening while waiting for Kiri to cry herself to sleep (boo).  I’ve pegged this time with no small ones to sit and read uninterrupted with the big girls, but the call of the cool evening is stronger than the couch and a book.  I love watching them flit around like little sprites.

:: The little sprites have washed off the mud and are ready now to tiptoe into their room and go to sleep under the flower garden on their bright pink quilt.


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