:: Levi in Plaid

Self-styled for church this morning.  I’m all for self-styled as long as it looks like personality, not abject parental neglect.  Personality, indeed.  And, as he pointed out, it matches.

When he walked into my room this morning, all I could think was “He’s gone PLAID!”  Name that movie.

:: VBS Aftermath

We have just finished a rockin’ week of VBS.  I’m sooo glad my mom was here…she added an indispensable layer of help and hysterical laughter into the mix.  Late-night, kids-crying, extremely-long-days-that-just-would-not-end, kind of hysterical laughter.  Comic relief.  True bonding.

I am totally planning on indulging in some coma-inducing TV watching for the kids as part of the recovery process.  Can we say “grumpy”  “very very tired”?

:: Mommy Brain Strikes Again

Mommy Brain’s most recent manifestation has made itself known in the Name Center of my brain.  Where there used to be names of friends and children and family and people I’ve known for forever and people I met last week, there is now … nothing.  Just a blank.

A pleasant, slightly bewildered blank.

But it’s not even like the name is there somewhere nearby if only I can think hard or long enough.  Nope, it’s just gone.  If the name happens to appear within ten minutes of needing it, I consider it a gift.

So if you see me looking at you with a bit of a blank, bemused smile, just know that I’m searching for your name and coming up with nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

But I do know who you are.  I just don’t know your name.

:: Vacation Troubles

We are supposed to go on vacation next week.  We really want to go on a road trip to Central California.  See the redwoods, camp, follow the coastline.  We’ve done staycations for two and a half years, I think we’re all itching to vacate this place.

Problem 1 – We don’t all (us plus Mom and Liana and stuff) fit in one car.  And we like to be together.

Problem 2 – Both of our cars need work.  The (old) Explorer needs a working air conditioner.  The (old) Odyssey has a stubborn check engine light.

Problem 3 – We’ve been considering going down to one car.  We’ve also been considering upgrading to a 12 passenger van for our adventures.  And can’t we fit a cargo bike into one of these scenarios? Puhleeeease?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to do whatever it is we’re going to do now before paying for gas for two cars on our road trip?

Well, we’ve gotta decide tomorrow and do whatever we’re going to do on Monday so we can get outta here!  (Eek, I’m really not sure what we should do!!!)

:: Cake Dreams

Does anyone else ever daydream about a slice of those vanilla layer cakes with chocolate frosting in Pollyanna?  Me too.



One thought on “Mid-Summer

  1. Hi there…I am Debbie. It’s good to know that I am not the only one with Mommy brain. Problem 1…good grief does that thing still live? Problem 2….try getting a new gas cap…that is why my engine kept going on…the old ones get cracks and don’t seal tightly anymore. Can’t promise it will work…but worth a shot. I vote you come to AZ for your vacation. Free lodging …we will even feed you…and we have the coolest fruit and veggie market anywhere…PS…love you and your plaid child!

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