Blogging, Blogs, and a new computer

{Photo from our road trip up the Central California coast.  We rented a 12 passenger van and had a whale of a time.}

:: Blogging

I’m {slowly} becoming resigned to being an occasional blogger.  In my ideal world, I’d be a three times a week blogger.  But lately (can you say “lately” when it spans several years?) I’ve been more like a three times a month blogger.  Or three times a quarter.

Seasons, I tell myself.

It’s not that I have nothing to say, as was the case a couple of years ago when I just felt perpetually blank and empty.  Even now I’m practically twitching, hoping I’ll get out all I want to say before my precious alone time with a computer is finished.

I have a deep affinity for Agatha Christie who, I understand, would spin her mystery plots while doing dishes.

Agatha spins mysteries, Leilani composes blog posts.

I’ve lost the youthful, burning desire to reach out and change the world in this little online space.  Didacticism just isn’t my true voice.  Convincing people is not one of my strengths.

But to touch people because we connect through the gentle and compelling medium of stories and minutiae…  That’s cool.

:: Blogs to Read

Speaking of blogs, I haven’t been reading as many blogs or posts as usual.  This decline in interest started when I realized that the hand pain I experience in yoga probably isn’t from yoga but from holding my phone for extended periods of time while I peruse my reader.


Also, how did it take me this long to figure it out?

My reader backed up to 300 unread posts after this discovery and seems to hover there even though I’ve been deleting blogs I don’t truly love.

Clear favorites have emerged over time and since I haven’t done a good blog round-up recently, I thought I’d share them here.

My current Must-Reads are::

FIMBY.  I start every day here.  I can’t say how much Renee has guided our family towards simplicity and outdoor adventures and a personalized homeschooling philosophy.  She’s so cool.  (Okay, that’s twice I’ve said cool so far.  Let’s go for a third.)  Someday when I have regular time on a computer, I’m going to comment regularly and be a friend.

Testosterhome.  This may be the blog I have read consistently for the longest amount of time.  As in years.  Rachel cracks me up and illuminates and comforts and then cracks me up again.  Perennial favorite.

Posie Gets Cozy.  This is my stop for the reminder to look for and craft small moments of beauty.  Also, I totally dig her home decor style.

Angry Chicken.  Unusual homeschooling resources, a sewist with three girls who love to dress up in historical costumes, and food that I either absolutely love or absolutely hate.  Also funny.  Her archives are the bomb.

Then there are second tier, third tier, and only-if-I’m-interested tier reads.  Not to mention friend’s blogs, which are on a whole ‘nother sphere.

(I couldn’t manage the third “cool”.  But I did get in “dig” and “the bomb”.)

:: New Computer?

It has become apparent that I either need to get a new computer or just deal with the current situation.

(Current situation is one old laptop with no battery, dim screen, and no word processing software.  One iPad.  One iPhone.  One truly archaic iMac that suffers from extreme narcolepsy and supports absolutely nothing.  And one good macbook Pro, which is Devo’s work computer.  It makes for a scattered technological existence.)

We drove out to the Mac store last week, ready to purchase a Macbook Pro.

I’ve been so hesitant to spend so much money on something that isn’t truly a need.  Needs are things like air, food, shelter.  Is it responsible to the world, responsible to our budget?  I suffer from the inability to spend money with confidence.

And what kind of computer should I get?  A family computer with a large screen to double as a TV so we don’t have to drag the behemoth of a Panasonic circa 1997 out of Levi’s closet every time the kids watch a movie?  Or a more portable (Mommy can hide in her room and work) laptop?

I was sure it was the big iMac.  Then I was sure it was the laptop.  As we headed into the store, I just breathed a little prayer that we’d make the right decision.

Our decision was guided by a sudden descent into tearful uncertainty (desktop or laptop? desktop or laptop? isn’t it too much money? desktop or laptop?) and an unusually disobedient preschooler.  Picture, if you will, a family standing outside in the blistering heat while the mother sniffles, the preschooler stands (or stomps, rather) in the corner, and the father holds the squirming baby while trying to manage the predicament.   (The girls were off window shopping with my sister).

It wasn’t our finest moment.

But it did become clear that the most favorable resolution to the problems at hand was to abandon ship.  With haste.

And then our car overheated on the way home and we were stuck by the side of the freeway in 105 degree weather with four kids, one sister, and a partridge in a pear tree.

It wasn’t our day for a computer.

And frankly, I still don’t know what to do.  I just haven’t found that place of internal peace, where I could bring home a computer with joy instead of cringing.  The way hasn’t become clear.

I do find it interesting, however, that I am completely ready to bring home a rather expensive wall unit from IKEA with joy.  Our living room is so very empty.  The only thing holding me back is…would it be irresponsible to buy a wall unit that is basically just aesthetic when what we really need is a working computer situation?

Pity my husband and pray for me.



2 thoughts on “Blogging, Blogs, and a new computer

  1. I seriously love the way you write! It’s so humorous, poetic, thoughtful… I could go on. 🙂
    I will pray for your computer choice. And if it were me, I’d probably get the computer, because in my mind that’s a very good investment and – though expensive – will last me quite a long time.
    Keep blogging!! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

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