New Music

After holding onto an itunes gift card for two and a half years, today I went wild and bought two albums.  (This seems to be a recent trend in my life – blooming deserts everywhere).

The first was Pirates of Penzance for my girls.  They have a great deal of it learned already from watching the DVD, but I’m aiming for memorization, baby.  Lia and I spent a happy half hour at the piano with the score on Sunday, being pirates or girls or leading sopranos by turn.  I’m going to work on Levi learning a few lines of “I am the Pirate King!”, I’ll be Mabel and Devo can be Frederic, and the little girls can be the sisters.

Me as Edith in a Pirates dress rehearsal, years ago.  

The second was Anna Netrebko’s Souvenirs.  I looove Anna Netrebko.  I’ve sworn off listening to sopranos with pretty little voices, it’s all about big and full and verve now.

I swear, I tear up every time I watch this video.  I can watch it over and over and over.  And over.


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