Evenings, Painting, Reading

:: Evenings round here – currently

Evenings when Devo is out, Liana and I bum around after the kids are in bed.

Sometimes we sit side by side with our matching MacBook Pros.  We watch Big Bang Theory.  I’m afraid we aren’t going to get caught up before she goes off to college (down the road) next week.  Bazinga! and rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock have made it into our family lexicon even if the kids have no idea where it’s come from.  And I still haven’t gotten to the episode with Bazinga.

Several nights were spent putting together my new beautiful Hemnes wall unit.  Devo watched tennis, Liana watched – something, and I had Philadelphia Story on the TV.  I had started out with A Knight’s Tale, but it’s hard to watch an ‘action’ movie while putting together IKEA furniture.  Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant fit the bill.

The other night it was Flow Free – a puzzle app for iPhone.  It’s addictive.  And, I like to tell myself, good for me.  And for the kids.  Spatial reasoning and logic counts as school work, right?

Now Devo’s on board, too.  As a matter of fact, at the moment we are all in the living room, and I am the only one not playing Flow.  But I will later.

:: Painting

Tomorrow I am setting up a painting studio in the side porch that is just outside the dining room double doors.  We received all of our supplies and curriculum for this semester today (it’s like Christmas! in September!), and the painting supplies have captured everyone’s attention.

(Levi has been waiting with great anticipation for the arrival of his “painters”.  He wanted to take them with him to bed tonight.  Apparently that was nixed.)

Our days are so full and so structured these days, that I am going to declare somewhat of a free-for-all and devote a chunk of the morning to painting.

We have been the grateful recipients of two IKEA easels, so now we have enough easel space for all the children.  I just need to ruminate a bit longer on ways for them to set up, paint, and clean up on their own.

:: Reading

Devo and I have begun reading a new book together (one reads while the other doodles with Flow) this week.  I had started it while on our trip to Monterey, but when I kept trying to tell Devo every. single. story. from the book, I thought that maybe we should read it together.  Whether because of my (non-existent) powers of persuasion or my relentless comments of “we reeeeeeally have to read this book together”, I don’t know, but he agreed to let it cut in line in front of the other book in our Read-Together Queue.

The book is Blink: the power of thinking without thinking  by Malcolm Gladwell.  It’s fascinating.  And such an easy, fun read.  Light and informative and fascinating. I’ve read one of his other books, Outliers, and this one is just as good.


2 thoughts on “Evenings, Painting, Reading

  1. Thought Outliers was great. Havent read Blink yet. Also need to read The Slight Edge I think. Different author – cant remember who at the moment.

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