Jinx, Need Exercise, the String Bean

:: Jinxed it

Ironically, after last week’s posts on less fear and less mess, I ended the week with a lot of fear (lots of bad news about friends) and gigantic messes (lots of, ahem, mess).

Do you believe in jinxing things?  I think I might.

::Pool closed = bad, very bad

We were unable to swim last week, due to the pool being closed.  It continues to be, as we say around here, stinkin’ hot.

We had lots of bouncing off of walls and lots of small bodies that were just uncontrollable.  We tried our best to be active, but nothing beats two hours in the pool (scheduled for tomorrow, thank goodness).

Levi saved the week by inventing a tumbling course.  He lined up a chair and the two child-sized tables to make a runway to vault over the edge of the couch.  He does an excellent mid-air somersault.  He spent most of the weekend running and jumping, and the girls have been happy to join him.  And we have been happy to have couch cushions cast hither and yon (or piled up and vaulted over).

I think it’s time to put up our in-house swing again.

And get a trampoline.

:: Kiri, aka String Bean

In other news, Kiri is just about 14 months now.  (When do I stop announcing her age by month and just say “one”?  I forget.)  My pet names for her currently are “Funny Buns” (or would I spell it “funnibunz”?) and “String Bean”.  Her little arms remind me so much of Super Grover.

She wants to be down, she wants to be up.  She doesn’t know what she wants, but she’s pretty sure this isn’t it.  She asks, “Up-ah” in the most darling little baby voice.  So politely.




2 thoughts on “Jinx, Need Exercise, the String Bean

  1. You ought to see my mess =) Understand energy. Spent the morning transplanting strawberries. Looked out the window this evening to see oldest two and the neighbor boy dancing through my strawberries that they were “watering” with the hose. Grrr!

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