Play, Hair Woes

bird and dagger, they crack me up

:: Play

There’s been a break in the heat and we’ve been released to the great outdoors.  Our living space has expanded, with the addition of the now inhabitable and hospitable backyard.  The kids have expanded, too.  Many happy hours (happy! hours!) of playing outside, digging in the dirt, watering plants (and siblings), and long sessions of imaginary play.

Yesterday’s play was a fascinating mishmash of Julius Caesar and Little Women.  Frankly, I’m not sure how Cleopatra and Marmee would get along, but there was much bustling about and many reminders as to whether this one or that one was married yet, or if they were just still engaged.

Lia narrates her play as though it is a book.  I catch phrases as she passes by.

“She trudged to the cottage.”

“‘Don’t do it!’, she exclaimed.'”  Or, “she whined”.  Or, my personal favorite, “she gasped”.  And they both gasp.

Levi joins the girls here and there.  I’ve had a bit of a time convincing them that, for the purpose of fun and fairness, it is okay for Levi to cook with them.  Even though it’s the olden days.

Recently I’ve heard them trying to bribe Levi to play with them.  “You can be Roger Federer!” they wheedle.  They know the key to his heart.  Roger Federer is the world’s best tennis player and well-beloved in our family.  In fact, Devo has coached them to refer to him as ‘Uncle Roger’.  I’m still not sure if the big girls understand that we don’t actually know Federer.


:: Hair Woes

I got my hair cut a few weeks ago.  After several weeks of internal debate, I decided to go short again.  Day 1 was fine.  Day 2 was okay.  By Day 3 I knew I’d made a terrible mistake.  (Yes, terrible.  Okay, not terrible.  Aggravating.)

Last time I cut it short, I felt so chic.  Stylish.

This time I feel juvenile.  And bouncy.  Woof.  It is not pleasant feeling juvenile and bouncy.  Young and energetic is cool.  Juvenile and bouncy is not cool.

At least the layers are long so it will grow out faster.  I’m ready for a loose bun on chic days and a rubber band on others.

I’d also like bangs with my pulled back hair.

Unfortunately, I seem to have a problem with anything touching my face in the eye/forehead vicinity – like hair or glasses.  I put on my sunglasses the other day and actually felt my facial muscles twitching, volunteering in their involuntary way, apparently, to hold up the glasses.  They haven’t gotten the memo that I have a nose and two ears to do the job.


2 thoughts on “Play, Hair Woes

  1. OH how I loved this dialogue. Your Lia is so literary! What fun. LOL at *gasp* and *Uncle Federer*

    Sorry about the hair cut. Been there. Wonder if a headband or fabric something or other would help? It’ll grow, but man, in the meantime … hope you aren’t miserable. 🙂

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