I was thinking today about my first “real” job.  It was in a Christian bookstore, which, if you knew me in my college days, “Christian” and “bookstore” was second only to The Container Store.

Sometimes when I was particularly stressed, I would go down to the local version of the Container Store and wander the aisles.  In my growing up years it was office supply stores.  Currently, wandering around any store with four ducklings in tow doesn’t in any way resemble peace and rejuvenation.  Except, maybe, for Costco.  We rock Costco.

Anyhow, my first job.

At first it was great.  Books everywhere!

After awhile I tired of the non-linear aspects of customer service and they moved me to the back to do stuff.  Count money, enter stuff into the computer.  I liked that better.  But after awhile, I got tired of that too.

I remember the days and days of just going in and feeling general lassitude.  The minutes went by very slowly.  I was reluctant to come and eager to go.

It’s not like that now.

I feel so grateful, so blessed, that I have a vocation and a “job” that is the exact opposite of that.

I love what I do, even when it kicks my butt.  Which it does regularly.  Including today.

I love being Mistress of my domain.

I love setting goals and setting schedules, intuiting rhythms and tweaking flow.

I love how centered my life is, with all the bits and pieces coming out like spokes from the center of Home.

I love my co-workers.  🙂 Love them!

I love how alive I feel because I make all this, this Home happen.

Creative, purposeful, meaningful work.  It’s a gift.

I often tell Devo thank you for giving me a wonderful life. Truly, he’s the one who makes it possible for me to do what I’m called to and what I love.

Feeling extra gratitude today.


2 thoughts on “Jobs

  1. I love that Leilani. You inspire me. I’m also surprised at how often you’ve been blogging lately. I’m blessed to have a husband who provides so I can stay home with my crazy life. =)

  2. Rachel, I’m surprised myself. 🙂 The time, the technology, and the desire have all shown up at the same time, glory be! Enjoy your crazy life!

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