Trampolines, Fall, Rejuvenation

An unusual still, quiet moment

Levi has been taking all the air space around here.  The rest of the family has pretty much given up on conversation for the time being.  He has so many many things to say.  Usually at full volume.

And wiggles.  Some times I see him just standing there wiggling with all his might.  So much energy, it has to get out somehow.

We are thinking seriously about investing in a Springfree trampoline.  Renee sparked the idea quite some time ago and I have kept it at the back of my mind ever since.

The price tag feels prohibitive, yes.  However, when I priced it out, it’s about the same as putting three kids in gymnastics for a year.  Instead of a couple of hours a week for one year, we would get 15 years of fun and exercise.

Unlike a swing set or playground, you don’t really outgrow a trampoline.  Kids love trampolines, teenagers love trampolines, adults love trampolines.  And, oh my, the exercise.

We get exercise on our weekly adventure, but during the week it’s hard to find activities that everyone can do.  (Taking a walk with four small people does not equal exercise for parents.  A lovely outing, yes.  Accelerated heart rate, no.)  Unless it’s summer and we’re swimming.

We went to try out the trampolines at a showroom nearby this summer.  I  kind of sprung the idea (no pun intended) on the family without much persuading before-hand.  By the time we left the showroom, the entire family had caught the vision.  So now to collect our pennies and dream our dreams.

All this to say, jumping on a trampoline would be an excellent and fun way to help Levi get some of his energy out.

Fall arrived yesterday in all it’s glory and splendor.  It rained.  The kids spent the whole morning out on the covered porch, coming in to say, “Oh, Mommy, the rain is so beautiful!”

Lia and Levi snuggled up on the swing under a blanket.  Amelie was worried Kiri would get cold, so she wrapped a sweater around Kiri’s head, babushka style.  Oh, we were just the happiest little family.  It was raining.

We came home in the rain in the afternoon.  It was so nice to be home, all cozy with warm lights.  I turned on some big band music and we put on a pot of apple cider.  I do love our new home so much, it just inspires homeyness.  It’s going to be a wonderful place this winter.

Devo has been extremely busy the last few weeks, and it caught up with me this week.  This has been a week of scraping bottom, releasing expectations, letting go of must-dos, should-dos, want to dos.

Everybody has been good and fine this week – except me.

I need some white space to help the print come into focus.  

Devo finally has a slow day today, so he has taken everyone to Costco to give me some time.  By myself.  It’s so nice.  I can hear birds singing, and our butterflies that hatched yesterday are flitting around in their enclosure.  Right now I feel that I have a bottomless need for time alone, but a couple of hours over the next few days should bring me back to the land of the even-tempered.

In other news, I found this photo on the camera this morning.  I love it.


4 thoughts on “Trampolines, Fall, Rejuvenation

  1. OH I feel ya. I haven’t had any white space in too many days and feel a bottomless need for time alone too. It makes me kinda crazy.

    I LOVE these photos — it’s been too long since we’ve seen the kiddos! All growing up so so nicely. What a BOY you have. =) Maybe even more wiggles than my two. A trampoline sounds like the logical thing to do. You’re right, the bathroom pic is darling.

  2. Leilani, I know I’ve recommended the trampoline on my blog but I’m putting my vote in here also. Our kids 13, 11 & 9 spend hours each week (sometimes each day!) on our trampoline and it’s a great, quick exercise for me when I join them also.

    I hope you find some white space soon. So very important (smile).

    Happy weekend.

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