I see…

:: a bottle of carrot juice, almost finished.  If having dessert is a treat around here, so is having carrot juice and watermelon.  Don’t tell anyone I appropriated the entire last bottle.

:: on top of the TV, the butterfly habitat, now empty.  We watched all five of our butterflies fly away this weekend.  Since then, a cricket spent some time in residence.  I wonder who will move in next?

:: a sprig of flowering African basil in a very small vase.  I sent Amelie out to pick a flower for our supper table on Friday and this is what she came back with.

:: a pumpkin.  Next to a beach ball.

:: a stack of music on the piano (darn! forgot to practice today!).  Piano music mixed in with arias, including an aria from L’elisir d’amore – the HD Met production is showing in our local movie theater next month!

:: an errant ping pong ball.  On the docket tomorrow – one table tennis table set up on the … table.

:: a note and a dollar from The Tooth Fairy, waiting to be delivered with the requisite fairy dust.  It’s all packaged up in a sweet little heart shaped box made from this template.

:: a letter from Cousin Ella, just arrived today.  Replies go out on the morrow.

:: a child-sized chair placed by the front door, surrounded by carefully curated treasures and working implements: a jumprope, a Micronesian basket filled with a wooden carrot (cut in half) and receipts from The Container Store, and a stack of paper with drawings on a library book, plus a pencil.


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