The sewing machine comes back to life

I fixed my sewing machine.  I took it apart, oiled it, changed the needle, and read the manual.  Turns out I’ve been threading the bobbin backwards and bypassing a thread guide for the last seven years.   Ah.

But really, it was the oil that made the difference.

The first project to come off is a costume for Levi.  Robin Hood.  Or, archer.  It can also double as Peter Pan.  Or, boy that can fly.  The tunic is wearable, it just needs some finishing touches and a belt.

As soon as the sewing machine came out and was brought back from the brink of death, the girls lined up with their requests for costumes.  I had spent some time in angry chicken’s archives recently, and had been re-inspired by her mad costume-making skills.  I’m looking around for just the right combination of swirly, fancy, and ruffly.  (The ruffles are for me).

Of course, I also recently discovered Gertie and her passion for sewing her own retro clothing.  Try browsing through her archives, ooh la la.

The time has finally come to start building my post-babies wardrobe, and I’m thinking seriously of sewing my own clothes.  Maybe like Gertie (oh, those dresses) or some of these patterns from Colette.  Over time.

I’m slowly getting my sewing area set up in the former breakfast nook-turned-office/sewing space.  Slowly being the operative word – one small task per week seems to be just the right speed.


One thought on “The sewing machine comes back to life

  1. So happy for you-nothing like a well oiled machine humming along properly. I agree about small projects. I’ve sometimes tended to take on a project and unrealistically made my finish goals too short! Now, I’ll cut out one day and trace another day. Do the darts and side seams another-takes longer, but my nerves are in a better state-this especially when the children were small, so they didn’t become intrusions in my creative process! Loved Gertie! Have a happy day! Loves, Karen

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