Late Night, Late Week Thoughts

:: Good week.  Now tired.

:: Can’t write when someone is looking over my shoulder.

:: Need to find a flyswatter.  We have five, can’t find any.

:: A batch of Grandma’s oatmeal cookie dough in the freezer saves the day.

:: The house is clean, except for the kids bathroom.  So if you come over, you’ll have to pee in the backyard.

:: Made roasted broccoli (thanks, Laura!) for the first time on Thursday.  Made it again today.  Making it again tomorrow.  I now consider myself as the Official Roasted Broccoli Evangelist.  Cruciferous vegetables, unite!

:: I love my home, warm and lighted, cozy.  Rooms with sleeping angels.

:: Feel like composing a haiku.

:: Making focaccia tomorrow.

:: Lia, about Kiri, “I think she understands our language!”

:: Rejoicing with friends who have new babies.  Rejoicing over my own babies.

:: Good day, good week.  Now tired.



4 thoughts on “Late Night, Late Week Thoughts

  1. *i love roasted anything! But strangely haven’t roasted broccoli! Will have to try!

    * I am in love with little Lyra! She gazes so intently. I’m sure she smiled at me already- which is likely fantasy! Nothing like a sweet babies furry little head to Braille with your lips!

    * I love girl chat time with my sweet Jenny, and fun walks around Lake Holmes with Lyra in the stroller. We’re such compatible kitchen mates-making aThai supper last night! She is such an awesome mother, a natural with kids!

    *i simply adore my Ben, I love his insistant carving out of “time with mom” despite his busyness and multiple hat wearing! I love to watch him with his children-he is such a hands on Dad-playful, tender, creative. I could go on…. *i absolutely adore my big boy Gabe-and so big he seems next to his little sister. He chose me to tuck him in last night- most honored one!

    *We’re going to the planetarium tonight and possibly get to see the constellation Lyra-actually probably not as it is best visualized in summer!

    * yah-we get to Fall Back tonight-Iove change and all that it brings on: hot soups and holidays, candles, especially on Friday nights, extra blankets on our bed, the sound of rain on our metal patio roof ( with no worries because our roof leak has been repaired!), longer evenings with a good book or earlier to bed with a longer slumber! I’ll be Just as excited when we get to Spring Forward!!!

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  2. aha, I inspired someone to eat vegetables!! 🙂

    I feel like writing poetry too. sometimes that’s the only way to get something out.

    LOL about peeing in the backyard. not a problem.

  3. Leilani,
    Your thoughts remind me of my life. Little blips in time. Good job getting the house almost completely clean. I offer the disclaimer when guests are here that I’m not sure what state the bathroom may be in. =)

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