Long Days

Tuesdays are the Long Day of the week around here.  Devo is teaching a college class this quarter on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We had thought to give teaching a go, partly for a change, partly to see how he likes it (he’s a born teacher), and partly for the extra dollars (what with the new house and all).  And it’s very good.  But it makes our Tuesdays very very long.

I get to the end of a Long Day and I have so many things to say, but so little brain with which to say them.  (Cue Winnie the Pooh: think, think, think.)

Today’s Long Day included an unusual respite.  Devo cleaned up lunch and gave me a chance to retreat to the (comparative) quiet of the bedroom with my election booklet.  I consider myself educated and intelligent, but wading through those California propositions really taxed me.  A short jaunt to the polling site (our church, as it were) and my civic duty and moral obligation is fulfilled.  Oooh, I’m on pins and needles for the results, but have absolutely no desire to watch the play-by-play.

These have been very full days this quarter.  Not only because of the class, but there are three or four other areas of Devo’s work that have big projects and/or extra meetings right now, too.  It all adds up, and currently the days are very full.

Early on into our chosen parenting journey we found that the more he does, the less I do.  It’s like a mathematical equation.  It is part of being full partners in the endeavor that is our family.  In some obvious ways, of course, it can seem like I’m on the short end of the stick.

But on the other hand, it really makes me hone in on what is most important, most necessary.  Everything else must, perforce, fall to the side.  It’s a great way to (re)discover what I really want out of this life, these days.  It helps me to live more intentionally.

What does this all mean?  A firming of our family resolution to not succumb to the allure of many regularly scheduled activities.  That it’s more important to be kind and gentle with my children than to accomplish many things, even things like cleaning the toilet.  That a number of balls can be dropped, and most of them bounce.  Among other things.

In other news:

:: Kiri’s been running a fever since Sunday.  Teething, I presume.

:: We took the kids to ride bikes at the beach.  Me pulling Amelie.  Devo pulling Levi with Kiri in her new, snazzy seat.  Lia on her own.  And we came to the conclusion that we don’t like riding at the beach.  At least for another couple of years.  Too much traffic, the lanes are too narrow, general claustrophobia mixed with suppressed alarm. We will go back to our regular bike paths and leave the beach for the future.

:: We made our own homemade envelopes until we ran out of tape.  Even Levi, surprisingly, loves to make these.

:: This weekend’s after church potluck was Pinterest-themed.  I confess that the food I took wasn’t even from Pinterest until I pinned them on the morning of.  I had an inexplicably wild desire for homemade focaccia.  And, of course, my current love, roasted broccoli.  Is that completely lame of me?  It goes with the spirit of the thing, doesn’t it?

:: I love the home and office selection at Ruche – so many pretty things!







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