I’m just popping in to make some notes here.

We’re in the midst of a full weekend/week/weekend.  Lots of celebrations (and prepping for said celebrations) this week.  Most notably, Lia’s 8th birthday and all the celebrations that go along with this great occasion.

I bought a resource this morning that I think some of you might be interested in.  It’s an e-book bundle entitled Learning Through Play.  It’s chockfull of ideas and projects for toddlers through middle childhood.  I am especially appreciative of the art, gardening, and writing activities.  We already did one this morning and my kitchen is overrun with drying mono prints a la Munsch’s The Scream.

It’s only $9.99 this weekend, and well worth the money.

Also, as I am looking forward to the holiday season and sketching out some ideas and plans, I’d just like to remind myself here that ::

Hurry is a form of violence practiced on children.

(My own paraphrase of Eugene Peterson’s, Hurry is a form of violence practiced on time.)

Been mulling over this one quite a bit.  It seems to be universally true.  True all the time and in all situations.




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