2012 kind of ground to an end in our home.  I don’t think I’ve ever started a new year with so many resolutions.  A couple of weeks with baby steps back to revamped routines, lots of tweaking, quite a bit of organizing, earlier bedtimes, and determined dedication and life is coming back into focus.  Days are ending with a sense of “it was good”.


amelie's ballet slippers

2012 was ending, 2013 was coming right up and I was thinking about what word I was going to choose for the year.  I couldn’t remember last year’s word and had to go look it up.


Oh, yes, that was a good word.  And, looking back, it was just the right word for the year.  As I had predicted, many of those things did work themselves out over time.  2012 was definitely a pivotal year for me.  A coming in to my own.  A blooming.

2013’s word didn’t come to me as strongly.  It more just came to me.  And I thought, “Boy, I don’t know if this one has staying power”.  But no other word has presented itself, and at every corner it lurks and beckons.  So hey, I can take a hint.

The word that has come to me for 2013 is ::


The more I live with notice, the more I like it.

It is a very grounding practice.  At the same time, it is also enlivening.

I’ve been making an effort to notice my own life.  I’ve been snapping photos.  I’ve started jotting down things at the end of the day that I noticed.  Something about each person in my family.  Something about myself.  Something about my home.  Something visual.

(And then I opened my bedside drawer to get out the little booklet I’ve been putting my jottings in, only to discover that someone had come along and cut out all of my pages and requisitioned the journal for themselves.  That’s what I get for raiding the school supplies for my personal use.  At least they were careful enough to preserve all my writing.)

I’m finding that my photography style is quite dissimilar to many blogs I read.  (Do you have a ‘style’ when you shoot haphazardly from your iPhone?).  I generally look at photos that are close-ups or incomplete or artsy.  The photos I most often take, however, seem to be big picture.  I won’t take a photo of a portion of my table, I’ll take a picture of the table, all the people sitting around it, and the room it is in.

The kids have been quite puzzled at my sudden enthusiasm for taking pictures of random things at random times.  Sometimes I think it is odd, too, but I have persevered.  And now I have a whole gallery of things that make me smile.

If you’ll notice the photo above, inside Amelie’s church shoes are also her ballet slippers.  She often wears her ballet slippers (or slipper, if only one is to be found) inside her regular shoes, just in case there is opportunity for dancing.  

When there is a direction I am going in, I always look towards people who are with me on the path.  Or better yet, further ahead, so that they can help me over the bumps.  Lend me their vision so that I can find the shape of mine.  Here are some of the people who I am soaking up in these early days of noticing.

Awesomely Awake – It’s like a regular reminder of what is most important, and how I fit into the picture of ‘most important’.

Posie Gets Cozy – I want Devo and I to be like Andy and Alicia, knowing how to enjoy the good things in life.  Alicia is an excellent mentor in the art of noticing.

Rebecca Waring-Crane – Happily, I know Rebecca in real life.  Embracing, exploring, appreciating, noticing, growing.

Soulemama – I confess, sometimes I ask myself, “What would Amanda do?”

Has anyone else chosen a word for the year?  Made some resolutions?  Been truly noticing something?  Have an vision-casting online voice to share?


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