adventure :: monrovia canyon park

Monrovia Canyon Waterfall

Holidays and cold weather and rain have kept us away from our usual Monday adventures recently.  (Not to mention last Monday’s marathon housecleaning session, dear me was it needed.)

But there has been a clamoring for hiking and camping amongst the nestlings that must not be denied.

This Monday was a new destination, Monrovia Canyon Park.  High up in the hills, past all the beautiful old houses.  Lots of trees and a beautiful, shady 3/4 mile hike to the falls.

Also, the excitement of being in a bear habitat, with a nice photo of a recently sighted mountain lion.  On the edge of the wild, we were.

The trail through the canyon reminded us of hiking in the redwoods except, as Amelie pointed out, the trees aren’t as tall.

Amelie who sat down next to the falls and proceeded to don a pair of satin elbow gloves she had tucked in her backpack for just such an occasion.

Monrovia Canyon Park


  • $5 entrance fee.
  • Closed on Tuesdays, nice and quiet (but not empty) during the week.
  • Trail is smooth and mostly flat, perfect for small hikers.
  • Bathrooms are many and new and clean.  Also echoey, as we found out when we could hear Levi’s voice coming through the vent and wafting through the picnic area.  He sounded remarkably like Sir Hiss stuck in the ale barrel in Robin Hood.
  • Five stars from the whole family.

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