cleanliness, sleep, Downton, and my birthday

:: cleanliness is next to godliness

My computer is looking cleaner after a face wash with a wipee.  It had been bearing splatters from a (failed, nasty) experiment with broccoli soup.  And a random sticky spot that I think might have been honey.  My computer gets around.

:: sleep, or the lack thereof

Kiri is snoring next to me.  She had a fever over the weekend with lots of night wakings, completely blowing our “sleep through the night” routines out of the water.  We have fairly good results with her through the cry it out method…after several very long nights with hours of crying.  But every time something disrupts the routine, we have to start again.

The stick in the proverbial spokes this time around is that she has started a habit of pooping in the middle of the night.  I’d let her sit in it, but she gets terrible diaper rash and hollers out “owwwww!”, poor baby.  How on earth do you teach a baby to stop doing that?

But let’s veer away from that subject because I’m getting perilously close to whining.  Or crying.

:: Downton Abbey

So is anybody watching Downton Abbey?  Apparently nobody in my facebook feed is, because last week came and went without a mention.  Unless everyone was, like me, too traumatized to even mention it.  I’m loving Rachel’s weekly recaps and think she summed up last week just perfectly:

Boo to the ever loving hoo.

Take that, Downton Abbey.

:: birthday

My birthday ended up being a very nice day, in spite of it all.  We went to Indian food buffet for brunch (our new favorite thing to do, beat the crowd!  Don’t have breakfast dishes to wash!)

Then we went and picked up our long awaited, much desired, beloved trampoline.  The dream has come true.  Pictures are coming, if I can convince the kids to keep clothes on despite the broiling (they protest) 75 degree weather.

Devo and I spent the afternoon putting the trampoline together (my arms are like jello today) and the kids jumped until well past sundown and then again after dinner and then again before bed.  They were out there first thing this morning.  This is a good, good investment.

I got to talk to my Grandma, my cousin Emily, my dad Jim, my Mom, and my Mother-in-Law.  A feat which spans the country and the world.  More impressive is the fact that there was enough peace and quiet on this side to actually hold conversations.  A rare treat, indeed.

My sister, Liana, came over to babysit for our scheduled every-other-Sunday date night.  I thought it was a big joke, expecting everyone to sleep for two hours, bwa-HA.  So we bypassed the Cheesecake Factory plans and went down the road to Subway.  Then we parked our van in front of our house and ate our sandwiches and watched Downton Abbey on the laptop.  Romantic and exciting, all at the same time.

Yes, we pay our babysitter so that we can sit in front of our house all by ourselves.

And guess what?  Nobody woke up.



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