:: We went to the Living Desert today for one last time before our passes run out.  My favorite animal there is the serval, maybe because it reminds me of Lia, our long-legged, graceful, beautiful girl.

:: I’m having a food/cooking crisis of sorts.  Apparently it’s time to (a) grocery shop and (b) try some new recipes.

:: According to Amelie, she only likes fruit, macaroni and cheese, and sweets.  After long deliberation and much discussion, we have compiled a list of other foods that she deems edible.  Not surprisingly, this list contains sweet potatoes, sweet red bell peppers, sweet carrots… sweets for the sweet!

:: Devo and I went on our first completely successful date in recent months.  Levi did fall out of bed  while we were gone (no injuries), but was content to snuggle on his auntie’s lap and go back to sleep.  I’m thinking that we have gone on more dates in the last year than in the previous nine.

:: I haven’t watched the most recent Downton Abbey episode.  But everyone else has and has made scathing remarks in my presence.  Now I’m scared.  I’m trying to remember that these aren’t real people and that nobody really dies, it’s all pretend.

:: Devo knows what happens.

:: In other news, after about three weeks of a fussy, clingy, I-am-the-coconut-tree-to-her-monkey Kiri, she is returning to her cheerful and independent self.  Oh, the relief.  There’s something so uniquely insane about caring for a fussy baby – I am sure there isn’t anything like it in any other job.  You start to think that maybe you’re a weakling, blowing things out of proportion, just get a grip wouldja?

And then your husband takes over for an hour and affirms the crazy.  (Bless him both for taking over as much as possible and for affirming the crazy.  Both were balms for a storm-tossed psyche.)

A friend who had worked (and worked hard) in the corporate world for five years before having children told me this weekend that staying at home with her children is by far the hardest thing she’s ever done.  That soothed me.


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