Tuesday is Dress-Up Day.  Medieval Princess practices the piano in beauty and grace, swathed in a sumptuous red velvet cape lined with golden satin over a hoop-skirted ball gown.

Please note: the cape is made out of an old pair of curtains, the dress out of an old pair of sheets.  And bless those sheets.  It was a risk to make a play dress out of white fabric, but everything seems comes out of it.  So far.  I did note a spot of blue food coloring from the celery experiment today, we’ll see how the magic sheets deal with that one.

Our days are filled with excitement due to Amelie’s upcoming 6th birthday.  She has planned about a year’s worth of celebrations so far.  She brings up the subject, oh, 8 or 10 or 18 times a day.

Today’s big plans include balloons, water balloons, and candy corn.  With umbrellas and fans.

It will be a medieval party!  No, let’s do a 40s party with hair and makeup!  

She went to make herself an umbrella today.  And as she told me later, “It was harder than I thought it would be.”  As I peeled Umbrella Prototype A off of the comforter upon which -and to which- she had glued it.

Tomorrow morning she and I are going out for Mommy-and-Amelie breakfast.

(This week’s breakfast is not with Levi, as I had said last week during a brief (ha, brief, she says) mental lapse.  We do things in order around here.  In this case, age-order.)

We plan on taking a paper and a pen and making some real decisions about this celebration over our smoothies and pastries.

I’m a little nervous.


In other news, Lia and I made this gluten/seitan today.  (Lia is a vegemeat fiend).  It’s so easy and uber delicious.  So glad we doubled it.  And cheap – holy cow, that much vegemeat from the store would cost upwards of $12 – I think I probably made it for $3.  I hope hope hope I get around to making pot pies tomorrow.  Yum.


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