Rockin’ with Elvis

Lia has developed a deep love of rock and roll from the 50s and 60s.  She assiduously studies Pandora’s little write-ups and has become a fount of rock and roll knowledge.  (She also applies her musical knowledge to her listening and informed me that the first interval to the 4 Season’s song Sherry is a Perfect 4th.  And so it is.)

The rest of us enjoy her stints as as DJ as well.  There are long dance sessions in the living room and on the trampoline.  Amelie has requested our favorite Pandora station as the background music for her birthday party.  Tonight, Levi’s song of choice for worship singing time was “a-wimoweh” (The Lion Sleeps Tonight).  Forgive us, we made him choose another.

Lia regales us with facts and interesting tidbits.  (And Devo looks over at me to see if she’s “true” or making it up.  I nod assuringly, our girl is a knowledge sponge.)  Sometimes she gets the names a little wrong, but I can usually ferret out who she’s talking about.

Yesterday she was talking about Frankie and how he died at the age of 26.  (Or was it 25?)  I couldn’t catch the last name she was saying and wondered if it was the Frankie who died in a plane crash.

“Well,” she said, “a plane crash or something else.”

A moment later she queries, “How did Elvis Parsley die?”

I let that one linger for a moment, a silent laughing spree.

“He died of a drug overdose.”

“Oh, right.  Yeah, Frankie died of a drug overdose, too.”

And there you have it.  My child now has the words “drug overdose” in her vocabulary.

And I will now always and forever think fondly of Elvis as Elvis Parsley.


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