I thought that maybe a few updates were in order here.

:: First of all, my mom is here from Guam for about two months. Yay!  She came earlier than expected in order to undergo some medical testing in LA. Boo.  (Guam isn’t much for specialties).

An initial consult with the liver specialist and he says he doesn’t think she has cirrhosis of the liver – which is what the tests in Guam had indicated.  He’s referring her to a rheumatologist instead.  Now we are waiting for the insurance company and the doctor’s office to get the CT scan scheduled (just to make sure on the liver) and the appointment with a rheumatologist.  Waiting seems to be the name of this game.  We’ve been sitting on this since, what, March?

In the meantime, everyone is enjoying having Grandma around.  With a firm skype-relationship, Kiri thought her favorite TV character had come alive when Grandma arrived.  Big smiles and an obvious sense of wonderment like, “Wow, coooool”.

:: Thank you so much for the recipes in the comments of my last post.  Riffs on grain salads and other goodies.

I am on the second week now of 30 Day Vegan.  I signed up with a friend and two other friends signed up as well, so now we have a little club to compare recipes and cheer each other on.

It’s extra nice to have Mom here while doing 30 Day Vegan.  We’ve been cooking up a storm, and she’s been doing more than her fair share of dishes, sneaky Grandma.

:: We’ve been on the usual end-of-school round of piano recitals and children’s choir performances and charter school requirements.  Easing into summer.

:: My yoga teacher has to go in for major surgery – holding hope for her.  She’s asked me to teach while she is recovering.  This will be my first “job” in years.  I’ve taught one class here and there over the last few years.  I’m looking forward to getting into a routine and discovering my teaching voice.  Getting into the flow.  And maybe I’ll make more than $75 this year.

:: We can’t seem to manage to get our summer schedule ironed out.  It seems like every decision requires a juggling of about seven different people/factors.

:: Levi dropped my laptop last week and shattered the screen.  $340 later I have a bright shiny new screen, and I wonder what the person who repaired it thought of the bespackled and besmudged screen.  Maybe I should always keep my screen clean, just in case, like that old adage that you should always wear clean underwear in case you’re in an accident.

:: Which brings me to – we were in an accident last week.  Another one.  In the other old car.

Devo and I were taking Amelie out to Jamba Juice (taking advantage of Grandma’s presence), when someone ran a red light and hit the back side of our car.  We were all okay other than a day of being a bit stiff and sore, but the car has been officially totaled.

I think we’re going to keep the car and take the money  (blessedly, more than we had hoped).  We’ll repair the broken window, but not the dents – the car just isn’t worth putting that money into.  So now we will each be driving a battered car and continue saving for our dream car…a twelve passenger van.

I’m going to have to be extra cool to pull off driving smashed up cars with flair.  Any suggestions?


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