a room for living in

This week our living room has been…

The Oregon Trail.  (The structural post was harnessed with a jumprope, turning the couch into a covered wagon, complete with horse.)

A hotel.

A jumprope gym.  (My mom had taken classes in jumprope, and with some practice the big girls are really making progress.  They especially like double jumping on the trampoline.)

A tennis court.  (Of late, Levi spends probably 30 minutes every day practicing his forehand and backhand against the front door.  Really need to cover the glass window with cardboard, we’re living on the edge of catastrophe here.)

A soccer field.

A library.

A movie theater.

A school room.

A sewing studio.

A concert hall.

A dance studio.


Living room, an aptly named room.  We do a lot of living here.

What kinds of living have been happening in your living room?




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