managing the schedule

Our enthusiasm might have outweighed our common sense this weekend. Half of the family left home before 7am and we got back home after 8pm. Church! Church again! (cause we’re suckers) Baby dedication celebration! Graduation party! Park playing!

Next week, we will be wiser. We will not go on the hike (boo) or to the Star Wars band concert (sob). We will be prudent and sensible and only do church (one service, like regular people), a nice quiet afternoon, and an evening graduation party.

And we will hope that such shrewd planning will eliminate need for a three-day recovery time.

It’s always a trick, managing the rhythms of the in breath and the out breath for our family. I aim for balancing it so that outings leave us happily tired and satisfied, home time grounding and invigorating. But our people are growing, developing, and changing, so there is no formula to fall back on other than combining intuition and common sense with a great deal of “well, that didn’t work”.

The Sleep Fairy hasn’t been around for awhile, but she has returned with vim and vigor. Every morning, Lia wakes up later and later.  <Current time is 1:35pm. Lia has emerged for the sustenance of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (at least, I found the evidence of said sandwich) before returning to her nest of blankets and pillows.> It’s yet another benefit of homeschooling–we can honor and support the physical processes of growing up.



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