I’m Leilani.  Mother of four, wife of a pastor.  Soprano, yogi, resident philosopher.  Our family includes a dreamer, a budding book-ophile, a dedicated sportsman, and a belly laugher.  We homeschool, we hike, we max out our library cards regularly.

Leilani, et al., live in Southern California.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Leilani!

    You probably don’t remember me but we attended LSU around the same time. I recall that you had (and probably still do!) a beautiful classical voice. I found your blog via Trisha’s blog and have been reading it since.

    You’re a lovely, witty, modern Jane Austenesque writer and I enjoy reading them. Keep it up! God’s blessings to you and your husband as you anticipate the arrival of your newest baby.

    Jennifer Oliverio

    PS. I love your parenting stories and am seeking advice. My little daughter – 6.5 months – seems to have separation anxiety before naps and bedtime. Your kids are thriving so well so I have to ask: what did/do you do prior to them sleeping? Did you co-sleep? Nurse through the night? No worries if you can’t respond for a while; my sister, Christine, has three kids and I know it’s insanely busy caring for three kids. 🙂

  2. Jennifer! What a pleasant surprise! Jane Austen? I’m sitting up straighter and more properly already. Haha. Thank you for your lovely comments and affirmation, what a great start to my day!

    Advice? Yikes. Do you think it’s separation anxiety, or does she just not want to go to sleep? It’s a big wide world opening up around this age and it can cause either of those. 🙂 Maybe think if there is any stress in your life, your family that she might be picking up on. Or sometimes they get that way if Mommy’s been gone too much (according to baby). I was never into long routines (short attention span for mommy, haha). But there are always some cues to baby that it’s sleeping time…nurse and tucking in bed at a certain time of day, for example. We didn’t cosleep, but I did have them in a co sleeper next to the bed until about 7 months or so. And they were never good sleepers at night…the night nursing generally increased until about 9 months each of them wanted to nurse every hour or so. Literally. It’s so hard to figure it out, isn’t it? There are so many things going on in a little baby’s life…and once you get it figured out, it changes! Hope it kind of helps…I’ve been there! Good luck (and thank you for commenting!)!

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